Glass container of almonds for snacking

5 Snacks to Keep in Your Dorm/Office

1. Almonds:

I love blue diamond because they have a bunch of fun flavors like toasted coconut, honey cinnamon, salted caramel, etc. I've seen them release seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice, cherry pie, and apple pie too! If you have trouble portion sizing, try emerald's 100 calorie packs. The vanilla roasted and cocoa dusted flavors are SO convenient and the perfect snack!


2. Protein Bars:

My favorite are Combat Crunch, Fit Crunch, Quest, Oh Yeah Victory, and PowerCrunch bars. Protein bars can get pricey though, so try Cliff Builders bars or Balance bars if you're on a budget.


3. Oatmeal:

As I've mentioned before in my sweet and salty breakfast post, these Oat Fit pouches are so delicious and very convenient. The pouch even has a line to tell you where to fill up your water up to. It's a 100 calories with filling fiber and flax to keep you fueled.



4. Greek Yogurt:

Who doesn't love yogurt and granola? These light & fit greek yogurts come in delicious flavors and are very affordable. I love freezing them to make frozen yogurt!


5. Popcorn:

If you're someone who isn't actually hungry, but just needs to be munching on something throughout the day- try popcorn. Check out my post to find out how to make the healthiest & cheapest popcorn! You can top it with a bunch of different popcorn season flavors from Kernel Season's:


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