Gut-healing pizza and pancakes?


Looking to expand your cooking skills with internationally-inspired dishes, like teriyaki chicken, tikka masala, and soba?


Want to cure your sweet tooth the healthier way with delicious yet easy cookies, breads, donuts, and brownies made from wholesome ingredients?


Yes, it’s all possible!



There’s no need to be intimidated by any of the protocols anymore! You CAN restore your core the NUTRITIOUSLY DELICIOUS way WITHOUT eating bland foods or taking unnecessary supplements – focus on real food that provide the nutrients you need!


Who is eBook suitable for?
  • CoreRestore “alums” hoping to continue eating gut-friendly meals
  • Those who aren’t up for the program but still want to eat gut-friendly
  • If you’re looking for healthy recipes to help achieve your fitness goals!
  • Anyone interested in a gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free diet!
  • No matter what stage you’re at in your health and fitness journey, this is the recipe book for you!


What is included:
  • List of CoreRestore approved ingredients + direct links to product pages
  • Substitutions to make the recipes suitable for your dietary needs!
  • 4 basic recipes for staple ingredients (homemade coconut yogurt, anyone?), so you don’t have to buy the store-bought versions – they can be more expensive and may have strange additives
  • 4 smoothies, 9 sweet and savory breakfasts
  • 3 dips and dressings, 5 lunch and dinners, 3 meal preps
  • 11 desserts (cookies, donuts, brownies, bread, pudding)
  • Most meal measurements are for a single serving (but can be easily doubled/tripled if your friends and family members want to join in on the gut friendly foods!) and all recipes are labeled by protocol, to make cooking during CoreRestore a breeze!


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