Arctic Zero

Fiber One


What do all of these products have in common?

If you’ve read the ingredients list, you may have noticed these all contain INULIN (or “chicory root”), and that they tend to be higher in fiber, but what really is inulin?

Turns out, inulin can help improve your gut bacteria and treat dysbiosis, but the products you’ll find it in aren’t always CoreRestore approved! (Click here for product recommendations.)

While inulin can be beneficial for your gut health, it can have varying effects on different people! If you experience any negative symptoms from FODMAPS, it may be better to rely on whole food sources for fiber rather than trying to supplement with inulin.

Even if an inulin supplement is not for you, download our PDF guide to better understand:
  • Natural sources of inulin
  • Why inulin is added to processed foods
  • A recipe for high fiber chocolate brownie cookies
  • More ways to use inulin in cooking and baking!
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