Norah Cliff sitting on kitchen counter.
Norah Candito, Registered Dietitian and newest asset to the CorePerform team.

Norah Candito believes in the power of nutrition. As a Registered Dietitian, boasting an impressive resume with a dietetics degree from Penn State and a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition from NYU, as well as experience at the Bronx Veterans Hospital and Texas Children’s Hospital, she’s well positioned to back up her beliefs.  

As an entrepreneur in her business, Nutrition with Norah, she coaches her clients by helping them address the underlying causes for their physical symptoms, and was drawn to that shared philosophy in CorePerform. As a practitioner with CorePerform, Norah brings evidence-based treatment options to her clients to find sustainable solutions that both calm symptoms and disease and ease food anxieties.   As we welcome Norah to the CorePerform team, we want to introduce her through this quick Q & A session. Read on to meet her and find out why she is exactly what you’ve been looking for to break away from tummy troubles and experience food peace for good. 

Q: Tell us about yourself. Who is Norah?

A: I grew up in in Honesdale, PA, where there were more cows than people. I love to bike and hike, and my hiking buddy has four legs, an Austrailian Cattle Dog named Blue. I married my college best friend.  

Q: How did you get acquainted with CorePerform? What draws you to the philosophy?

A: A friend of mine saw what CorePerform was doing and introduced us. It was the perfect timing as I was looking for a new opportunity. I felt like someone wrapped up the perfect job and handed it to me.   I am drawn to the way CorePerform addresses the root cause of gut health and nutrition issues. Also that it is backed by science and provides an amazing community and network to clients.  

Q: What do you, in particular, bring to your clients at CorePerform?

A: I bring unparalleled compassion and empathy. I bring experience in gut health, hormone health, and experience with disordered eating.  

Q: You develop recipes. Where does your inspiration come from?

A: My inspiration may come from an ingredient, something that looks appetizing at the grocery store, or trying to recreate a dish from a restaurant I love, or putting my own healthy flare on a classic recipe.  

Q: Speaking of food, what is your favorite thing to eat?

A: Pizza or anything with curry is my favorite thing to make.  

Q: What is the biggest nutrition myth circulating these days?

A: [The low carb craze] We need carbohydrates to fuel our brains, support hormone health and for sport performance.  


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