We believe in evidence based and integrative approaches to nutrition and exercise.

CorePerform is, primarily, a nutrition consulting service. We work with a variety of clients – from competitive athletes to doctors and healthcare professionals. CorePerform is ultimately for people who want to optimize their metabolism from the Core. By focusing on gut health and supporting the body naturally through micronutrient dense foods, our trademarked protocol is proven to lower inflammation. We cater to our client’s health history, goals, and lifestyle to ensure support, care, and a sense of community along the way.

Trusted Background. Board Certified.

CorePerform was founded by Dasha Agoulnik (MS, RD), who completed her masters in Nutritional Epidemiology from the top nutrition program in the United States, Tufts Friedman. She continued to pursue her dietetic internship at the Veterans Hospital in Tampa, which has an acceptance rate lower than Harvard. Dasha comes from a background heavy in research, and has 4 peer reviewed publications. She built the CorePerform team on the belief of integrating evidence, functional, and clinical based practices. As a result, she was awarded as Yahoo! Finance’s Top 10 Nutrition Coaches in 2021. CorePerform understands there is more to your gut than the food you eat. That’s why CorePerform has personal trainers and mental health coaches to help you excel even further as needed.

Which plan is right for me?

Every client has differing needs, and our plans are designed to support varying levels of care. We believe in developing a strong and supportive care system through our working relationship to ensure you never feel alone.

Start with a free phone consult.

CorePerform offers a free initial phone consult. During this call, we will gather some information to recommend the best plan option for your needs. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and find out if working with CorePerform is right for you. We encourage all prospective clients to ask questions and make sure the fit is perfect before starting.

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What we offer.

CorePerform offers three different service plans while working with a Registered Dietitian on digestive and/or hormonal health. Each service plan is available on a monthly, no commitment subscription basis and in 3-month, 6-month or 12-month packages at discounted rates. Choose a service plan that delivers the level of detail and support you need to reach your goals.