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CorePerform Protocol

This is for you if you want to to reduce inflammation and identify food sensitivities. Get the highest level of support with a Registered Dietitian and detailed health analysis. This includes everything the LITE version does (training, macros/exchanges), but is much more intensive towards medical nutrition therapy, lab interpretation, etc.

We have varying levels of care at multiple price points. Click below to find your best fit!

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Body Composition


Macros / Exchange + Training

This is for you if you need help with nutrition and physique goals. You can choose to track macros OR follow exchanges, if you don’t want to count calories. Starting at $200/mo+

  • Customized Diet (Macros or Exchanges)

  • Customized Cardio Programming

  • Customized Resistance Training Programming

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • Video Feedback to Ensure Proper Form
  • Adjustments to programming based on bio-feedback

  • 24/7 unlimited e-mail communication & support (NO TEXTING)


Need a one time consult? We will discuss what to eat, how much to eat, and how to train according to your goals. Consults can be made with or without lab interpretation. If you’d like to order DUTCH or GI Maps ahead of time and review the results with a full custom protocol, just let me know and I’ll place your lab order ahead of time.

60 min comprehensive medical assement with custom tailored treatment plan Recommendations for diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help you feel your best and reach your goals Access to my exclusive clinician only supplement dispensary with 20% off retail value Exclusive handouts formulated for your needs
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…I noticed a change almost immediately. I always thought I ate pretty well, I would eat some sort of protein, rice, and a veggie for dinner and lunch every day. But, I didn’t realize how much I was missing! Dasha made everything so easy and achievable. Before this program I would poop maybe 1x/5-7 days. I now am someone who wakes up every single morning and goes to the bathroom- something that I have never done!! I FEEL AMAZING…My CRP was 80 and ESR was 99. By the end of CoreRestore CRP was 30 and ESR was 20. This is the lowest my inflammation markers have been in 7 years.

– Jodie / Autoimmune Disease

“I developed IBS-D and was SO lost – it had completely taken over my life. I missed social events, had no energy, and I felt so sick all the time. I workout, I was eating well and I couldn’t figure out why this was still happening. After what was probably the worst flare day of my life, I called Dasha and put all of my trust into Core Restore. I learned Which foods triggered me (even though I previously labeled them as “healthy” and therefore “okay”). After a week or two, my IBS-D flares subsided and I could finally learn to trust my gut again. I finally have my life back and I couldn’t be happier.”

– Claire / IBS – D 

…the first and biggest improvement I noticed was that my mood and energy increased tremendously. Like seriously, I had NO IDEA how irritable, moody, and anxious I was before Core Restore until a few days into it when I already noticed that I felt much less anxious and didn’t freak out about little things. Even my mom and sister noticed and wondered why I was in such a good mood all week (lol). My energy also increased and I no longer find myself dragging at work all day but instead am energetic and ready to go….

– Hannah / Undiagnosed GI Issues

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