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CorePerform vs. The Leading Plant Protein

Benefits of Protein

Eating enough protein is not just essential for athletic performance. It is necessary for a healthy immune system and is required for the optimal function of organs like your heart, brain, and skin. Protein is also a key component of appetite control and muscle growth. 

How much protein you need typically depends on your age, gender, health, and exercise routine. Many people choose to supplement protein through powders, as a plant-based diet can be lacking in essential amino acids. 

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Protein Supplements

To make a protein supplement, protein is extracted from animal or plant-based sources. These sources include cow’s milk, cheese, eggs, peas, rice, and soy. Sometimes a combination of protein sources is used to improve the amino acid composition. During processing, other ingredients may be added to enhance taste, texture, or color. Unfortunately, many of these additives include artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, gums, and added sugars. These ingredients may affect gut microbiota and lead to GI distress and other complications. 

Additionally, many plant-based protein powders are made up of poor quality and incomplete proteins. Therefore, you would need to consume TWICE the amount of plant protein and calories to elicit the same effects as animal protein.


CorePerform Protein Powder

So, how do we consume enough protein on a plant-based diet without compromising our gut health? 

CorePerform Protein Powder solves the many issues present in the leading protein powders. 


*No added sugars 

*No artificial sweeteners

*No artificial flavors

*No gums 

With 25 grams of protein per scoop, CorePerform has more protein per serving than any other plant-based powder. The protein in CorePerform contains a complete amino acid profile, ensuring optimum muscle building and recovery. As an added bonus, it also contains fewer carbohydrates and fewer calories per serving. 

How much protein in per scoop of protein powders
How much kilocalories (KCal) when matched for protein in protein powders

CorePerform is the first optimized amino acid blend of plant-based protein that has the same effect as whey protein without GI distress! Ensure you are getting adequate gut healing protein in your diet by incorporating CorePerform Protein into your daily routine. 


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