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plant-based protein

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maple banana bread

pea protein, rice protein concentrate, natural flavors, sea salt, konjac (glucomannan), monk fruit extract, organic cinnamon powder, stevia leaf extract

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  • no sugar

  • non gmo

  • nut free

  • soy free

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Veronica Duco
The Best!

Absolutely love this protein powder! Not only does it taste amazing but doesn’t give me any of the other side effects like bloating or gas. Can’t wait for more flavors!

Mollie Miller
Delicious Plant Protein!

The flavor is spot-on and the texture is one of the best I’ve had for a plant protein. It wasn’t super-gritty or chalky. It tastes great by itself with water, pairs amazing with some almond milk and ice or fruit if that’s your preference. Excited to see what more they come out with, will definitely be getting more!

cassandra mckenney

Doesn’t taste like a plant based protein at all! The smell is definitely earthy but it mixes like whey and tastes fab! Will be ordering again!

Amy P.
My favorite protein !

I absolutely love this protein. I heard about it on Hey Coach radio while listening to a podcast. I have had a lot of protein powders over the years & she nailed it when she created this one. I’m so glad I found a whey free, healthy alternative. I mix it with water & it’s delicious. I never want to run out of it 😁

william byrd
Passion & Joy in Every Scoop

All I can say is, "WOW!!" I've been adding this gem to my meals and mixing them into my water bottle for a pre & post-workout shake. My workouts have been supercharged to where I've been experiencing the sheer joy of being able to feel my body again. I've been eating healthier because I've been so satiated, and believe me when I say that it is tasty. My recovery time from exercise has also increased to where I'm not groaning from soreness so that I can spend more time with my dog. Even my friends have noticed a newfound glimmer in me. Ever since this protein arrived in my life, I've been saying "YES!" to life, and it's saying, "YES!" right back to me. As a personal trainer, I'm also going to be recommending this protein to my clients, as their health and happiness are my number one priority.