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Digestion & Athletic Performance

Are you trying to improve athletic performance, but your gut health is getting in the way?

Do you struggle with regurgitation, heartburn, bloating, nausea, or diarrhea in the midst of exercise?

Don’t worry! Your gut is not “broken” and you do not need to struggle forever! I just wrote an article for Kenneth Parker all about how to fuel your body before a workout in order to optimize digestion. Even if you don’t particularly struggle with digestion during exercise, it’s still important to utilize proper pre workout nutrition in order to make the most of your workout!

Prioritizing fast digesting carbs and minimizing fats and fiber pre workout can help for optimizing digestion during your workout. Fats and fiber both tend to slow digestion, eating them pre-workout can prolong digestion causing you to still be digesting food throughout the duration of your workout.  The issue therein lies is that as workout is a stressor on your body, as such your body is in fight or flight mode during your workout. Rest and DIGEST is out on the back burner.

The composition of this meal is variant from person to person. While someone might do well with greek yogurt and rice cakes another person might have amazing digestion with a rice and chicken meal. Overall trial and error and learning your body is going to be your best bet. For the most part high carb, moderate protein, lower fat is going to be most beneficial. The foods you use for those macros ultimately will be determined by what works best for you as an individual!

Another key point is timing. Eating your pre-wokout meal 90mins-2hrs prior to your workout can give your body time to digest that food before you go and hit a workout!

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