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Fight the Flu

Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Flu Facts

The flu, also known as influenza,  is an acute infection in the upper respiratory tract. This infection takes over the body with a fever, aches, chills, and fatigue. Normally, the disease occurs in the fall and winter months and only takes about 48 hours to start affecting the body after initial exposure. Now is the time to start strengthening your immune system to prepare, prevent, and help alleviate symptoms of the flu.



Root causes for contracting the flu:

  • Run down immune system
  • Poor diet
  • Overworked
  • Stressed
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Not washing hands


Tips to fight off the flu:

Skip the pharmacy this flu season! Through exercise, sleep, water, healing supplements, and nutritious foods you can avoid becoming sick and help speed up recovery. Not only will your wallet thank you but your body will reap the benefits. 


  1. Stay hydrated: Drinking water not only helps keep up your respiratory system from dying out, but also helps in detoxing your body. Hydration is key in assisting the body to flush out the infection. 
  2. Flu Fighting Herbs: Herbs play an important role when it comes to healing the body. Supplementing with each of the following herbs can help relieve symptoms and assist in treating the viral infection.

Echinacea: Stimulates the white blood cells in the body. White blood cells are our immune system’s best friend when it comes to fighting diseases, infections, and viruses. 

Elderberries: Contain bioflavonoids which help to deactivate viruses and stop them from replicating. 

Peppermint: Great in aiding with relief from nausea and cramping. It helps soothe the digestive tract and stomach.

Ginger: Well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The herb helps alleviate chills, aches, and pains that one experiences while sick.




        3. Get in sync with zinc: Zinc is a powerful supplement that plays a big role in helping speed up recovery when contracting the flu. The mighty supplement helps to strengthen the immune system and plays a part in kick-starting multiple phagocytosis are all activated by zinc. 

4. Get adequate amounts of sleep: Sleep can greatly affect recovery because our bodies crave rest when sick. Fighting off the infection and inflammation is extremely taxing on the body. To help recover and heal, activity should be reduced and a goodnight’s sleep should be prioritized. 

5. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an important vitamin for the body when fighting off the flu. It contains antioxidants that help keep the body free of radicals and the immune system strong. The mighty vitamin enhances the production of white blood cells and helps support T-cells in the body so they can attack and eliminate the infection. Think of Vitamin C as your secret weapon not only for prevention but also for the elimination of the nasty flu virus.

6.  Bone broth: Bone broth is widely recognized as a healing superfood due to its restorative and healing benefits. The broth comes from the bones, marrow, tendons, and ligaments of various animals. Minerals and nutrients are drawn out of storehouses inside the bones by slowly boiling and simmering the bones down. This process fills the broth with numerous vitamins and minerals that help support the gut lining, immune system, fight off infections, and reduce inflammation within the body. 

7. Essential Oils: Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. The oils are extracted from plants and contain incredible healing compounds that are extremely useful when treating the body in a holistic manner. The following essential oils have been shown to have great success when it comes to the flu. (Lavender, Eucalyptus Radiata, Tea Tree, Peppermint)


What else should you be ADDING to your diet in order to fight the flu/other sicknesses?


Click HERE to find out! 


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