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My 3 Gym Essentials To Have a Better Workout 

1) Proper Outfit

I always preach the importance of wearing clothes to the gym that are comfortable, and make you look good. If I wear a baggy tee that's riding up and getting caught on things I'm setting myself up for a bad workout. A proper outfit aids to your confidence, so I always make sure I'm ready with my favorite clothes & shoes!

2) Wireless Headphones

Whether you chose to use the chunkier style above or the smaller version below, I love wireless headphones!

I bought a pair of the smaller versions on Amazon for $20-30 and it was the best investment! No more chords/iphones flying or getting caught. You may not realize how much it happens, but if you pay attention for just one day you'll immediately realize why you need these.

3) Water Bottle w/ BCAAs

I always have my water bottle filled with Cellucor BCAAs to promote recovery and help with my endurance throughout the workout. Some of the benefits of BCAAs include:

  • stimulate the rate of protein synthesis
  • increase cell’s capacity for protein synthesis
  • reduce the rate of protein breakdown
  • produce a harder, longer workout by reducing the amount of tryptophan entering the brain, thus reducing the amount of serotonin 
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