Servings of spices (chili pepper, paprika), nuts (walnuts), beans (kidney beans, red beans), grain, and seeds

Plant Protein For Gut Health

The Gut Microbiome 

The digestive system, also referred to as the gut, is much more than just the stomach. The gut is also made up of trillions of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This community of microbes is known as the gut microbiome. Of all the microbes inside of you, bacteria is the most widely studied. The craziest thing? There are actually more than 1,000 species of bacteria living in your gut alone! Unlike the bacteria that are associated with disease, your gut bacteria actually benefit your overall health. 

Your gut microbiome begins to influence your health from the moment you are born. As you grow, your gut microbiome begins to diversify. This diversification can lead to better health outcomes and improved gut health. 

Protein and Gut Health

Research has found that protein consumption correlates positively with microbial diversity. However, animal and plant proteins influence the gut microbiota in different ways. Consuming plant-based proteins have been shown to decrease the number of harmful bacteria in the gut while increasing the good bacteria. That is a win-win! However, animal proteins do the opposite. 

Our advice? Focus on consuming a variety of plant foods, specifically ones containing protein. Examples of plant-based proteins are greens, soy, lentils, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds. As an added bonus, plant-based proteins tend to be high in fiber - a notable gut healer! If you are unable to get adequate protein from plants, use CorePerform Protein! 

Coreperform Protein 

Overall, plant-based proteins are better for the gut microbiome. But, similar to collagen, they are of poor quality and incomplete proteins. Therefore, you would need to consume TWICE the amount of plant protein and calories to elicit the same effects as animal protein. Research shows that high protein diets are not good for gut health.

So, how do we consume enough protein on a plant-based diet without consuming too much protein? CorePerform Protein solves this problem! 

CorePerform is the first optimized amino acid blend of plant-based protein that has the same effect as whey protein without GI distress! Ensure you are getting adequate gut healing protein in your diet by incorporating CorePerform Protein into your daily routine.


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